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Earn Your ProFM Credential and Advance Your Facilities Management Career!


BETA has partnered with ProFMI to offer an important facilities management credential in an accessible format. The ProFM credential is designed to be universally applicable, so it will benefit any facility professional and can help advance your career in the field of facilities management. Whether you currently work in the greater Wichita area, or anywhere in the world, you can benefit from the ProFM credential regardless of your industry current career stage.

Now is a great time to ensure you are prepared to meet the demands of the constantly changing roles and needs of your organization and the needs that everyone in the facility management industry as a whole is facing. BETA and ProFM’s classes are designed to be totally inclusive, and allow for entire departments or individual facility professionals. You will not only elimnate any knowledge gaps that may exist on your team, you will also develop the key skills necessary to keep your organization moving forward in today's environment and tomorrow's challenges.

The ProFM credential will:

  • Expand your facilities management skills and knowledge base
  • Immediately allow you to apply the very latest best practices to your current role
  • Help develop your strategic business skills, which benefits your entire organization
  • Differentiate and distingish yourself from your peers in facilities management
  • Build confidence in yourself for leadership roles and decision making

Our program provides numerous ways of navigating the changing facilities management industry by showing you how to evaluate staff and train employees, and identifying the right skills in new hires to ensure they will help your team achieve success.


100% Online for your convienince and to ensure safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Class Dates: August 18 – November 10, 2020

Class Schedule:

August 18 (Tuesday) - online orientation (4:30 – 5:30 PM)

September 1 (Tuesday) - online training (4:30 - 6:30 PM)

September 15 (Tuesday) - online training (4:30 - 6:30 PM)

September 29 (Tuesday) - online training (4:30 - 6:30 PM)

October 13 (Tuesday) - online training (4:30 - 6:30 PM)

October 27 (Tuesday) - online training (4:30 - 6:30 PM)

November 10 (Tuesday) - online review (4:30 - 6:30 PM)

*Times posted are structured to allow for approximately two hours of training with breaks, at the instructor's discretion. Time zone: Central


$1,895.00  (includes all course materials) 



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