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Course Descriptions

BA103 Principles of Advertising: Three credit hours. This course is designed to give you an introduction to the field of advertising, its relation and role in the field of marketing, various types of media, and the current trends in advertising techniques. Emphasis is placed on the importance of research, planning, the significance of behavioral sciences, and the effectiveness of advertising.

BA109 Entrepreneurship: Three credit hours. This course is designed to prepare one for the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur starting and managing a business. This course will lead you through the steps required to develop a rigorous plan including marketing, business opportunities, financing, business risk, and control.

BA140 Introduction to Marketing: Three credit hours. This course is designed to give the student an introduction to the field of marketing. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

BA184 Human Resource Management: Three credit hours. This course focuses on how organizations can gain sustainable competitive advantage through their employees. It introduces the basic functions of HR managers and their role in establishing high performance work systems.

BA203 Retail Management: Three credit hours. Merchandising includes all activities relating to the buying and selling of goods and the planning and controlling of merchandise offerings of a retail firm in conformance with the policies of that firm. This course provides an introduction and basic training in procedure and methods of buying merchandise, display and promotion, inventory and stock control, budgeting, profit responsibility, and methods of figuring profits.

BA210 Principles of Management: Three credit hours. This course is designed to give the student an introduction to the processes of planning, organizing, controlling, leading, staffing, and motivating employees in order to accomplish organizational goals. Emphasis will be placed on the principles of management, human relations development, and how to make these principles work in business and industry.

BA215 Personal Selling: Three credit hours. This course is an introduction to personal selling. Personal selling emphasizes building relationships with prospects and customers through partnering by using the consultative approach to selling. Primary attention is given to the principles and practices used by individuals who have achieved long-term success in personal selling. The course provides a high degree of practical selling situations through the use of sales demonstrations in the areas of retailing, wholesaling, and manufacturing settings.

BA219 Internet Marketing: Three credit hours. This course will enable the student to explore the transition from traditional marketing methodologies to digitally based techniques. The student will be able to give a critical appraisal of the strategies necessary to conduct e-commerce within the emergence of a global marketplace through the use of discussion, exercises, and case studies.

BA220 Business Ethics: Three credit hours. This course will enable the student to gain an understanding of what is meant by the concept of “business ethics” and why its study is important for all types of organizations. The student will gain an understanding of fundamental issues such as morality, legality, responsibility, utilitarianism, rights and justice.

BA225 Computer Advertising Design: Three credit hours. Prerequisites: BA103. This course is designed to utilize the principles of advertising for the production of various advertising mediums through the use of the computer. The course will emphasize the effective composition of verbal/visual messages designed for publican and broadcast through the use of basic layout elements and design principles.

BA231 Intro to Sport Management: Three credit hours. This course will enable the student to gain an understanding of sport management as both an academic major and as a professional endeavor. The student will learn about current issues and the skills and knowledge required to be a successful manager in the field of sport management.