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Nursing Program Admissions Process

Start your health care career here.

Follow these steps to begin your journey in nursing at Butler.

  1. Apply for Admission to the college.
  2. Complete program prerequisites: Anatomy & Physiology, English Composition I, General Psychology, Math Requirement (MA 135/equivalent) MA 131 College Algebra with review will also be accepted
  3. Submit application for the Nursing Program. Deadline for the Fall semester is May 20th. Deadline for the Spring semester is September 20th.
  4. Complete the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). Click here for the TEAS process you must follow.
  5. Ranking for Final Selection: Students are rank ordered by the sum of grades earned in the prerequisite courses. Additional points are considered for certified applicants with documented patient care experience.
  6. Acknowledging Acceptance: Selected applicants are given a specified time period to accept their position in the class. If any of the first accepted group of students do not accept, or accept and withdraw prior to the beginning of class, the vacancy created will be offered to the next highest ranked applicant up to a maximum of 56 students.
  7. Selected student responsibilities: Students must complete a specified background check, a negative drug urine screen, physical examination including documentations of vaccinations and immunizations and health record.

Reapplication Process

Applicants who are not selected for admission are asked to communicate in writing their desire to reapply for the next class to the Nursing Department prior to the May 20 and September 20 deadlines. Files of applicants who do not communicate their to desire to reapply will be deleted. 

Technical Standards

Nursing at the Associate Degree level involves the provision of direct care for individuals and is characterized by the application of verified knowledge in the skillful performance of nursing functions. Therefore, in order to be considered for admission or to be retained in the program after admission, all applicants should possess;

  • Sufficient visual acuity
  • Sufficient auditory perception
  • Sufficient gross and fine motor coordination
  • Sufficient communication skills
  • Sufficient intellectual and emotional functions

Additionally, any health condition that the student may have that would pose a safety concern to clients, faculty, students, clinical facility employees or to the student themselves will not be allowed to participate in the clinical setting.