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Federal Work-Study Information

Federal Work-Study

Many opportunities are available at Butler to obtain a job to help offset the cost of education. Students employed through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program benefit from an 'Income Exclusion' on the following year's FAFSA application for Federal Student Aid. On-campus jobs are ideal for students because they offer flexibility for class schedules. 

Federal Work-Study positions and funds are limited. The Financial Aid office will help students in locating available positions. Hiring decisions are made by individual department supervisors. To find out if you qualify for Federal Work-Study and for information on available positions, contact the Financial Aid office.

  • The Federal Work-Study program is financed by the College and the Federal Government for students who demonstrate financial need. Students usually work 15-20 hours per week and receive a paycheck every two weeks. Students must complete a FAFSA to determine eligibility.
  • Available Positions: There are on-campus jobs available through the Federal Work Study program across most departments at all campus locations in El Dorado, Andover, McConnell, Rose Hill, Council Grove, and Marion. You do not have to be taking classes on campus. Online students may also work on campus.
  • Community Service: The Federal Work-Study program is dedicated to students working in Community Service. Positions are available in the Library, EduCare, and Disability Services. Students can also tutor children in reading or math either in a public school system or at the EduCare Center located on the El Dorado campus.

Accept Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study positions are not guaranteed. Financial Aid will make every effort to assist a student in locating a position but the final decision is up to the individual supervisors. Talk to your instructors, some are looking for student workers and they like to hire students that are in their classes.