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Online Degree Completion

Online General Education Courses

Take these General Education Courses ONLINE to complete your degree!


  • EG101 English Composition I
  • EG102 English Composition II
  • SP100 Public Speaking
  • EG112 Technical Writing
  • BE120 Business English
  • BE130 Business Communication



  • MA050 Pre-algebra
  • MA060 Fundamentals of Algebra
  • MA114  Technical Math
  • MA120 Intermediate Algebra w/review
  • MA125 Intermediate Algebra
  • MA131 College Algebra w/Review
  • MA135 College Algebra
  • MA140 Trigonometry
  • MA220 Statist. Mgt. LF Soci. Science


 Laboratory Science

  • BI110 General Biology
  • CH105 Basic Chemistry
  • PH103 Descriptive Astronomy
  • PH111 Intro to Meteorology
  • PH130 Basic Physics I
  • PS100 General Physical Science
  • PS102 Physical Geology 


Computer Literacy

  • BS104 Information Processing Systems
  • BE165 Micro Applications I: Word Processing
  • BE170 Micro Applications I: Spreadsheet
  • BE180 Micro Applications I: Database 


Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science

  • BS103 Human Sexuality
  • BS105 Sociology
  • BS106 Intro to Anthropology
  • BS107 Women & Society
  • BS115 Substance Abuse Awareness
  • BS160 General Psychology
  • PS210 Marriage & Family
  • BS212 Abnormal Psychology
  • BS260 Developmental Psychology
  • BS270 Child Psychology 
  • EC200 Principles of Microeconomics
  • EC201 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • HS121 History of Western Civ I
  • HS122 History of Western Civ II
  • HS131 US History I
  • HS132 US History II
  • HS201 History of World Civ I
  • HS202 History of World Civ II
  • PO141 American Federal Government
  • PO142 State & Local Government



  • LT201 Intro to Literature
  • LT204 Intro to Poetry
  • LT212 British Lit 2
  • LT215 American Lit I
  • LT216 American Lit 2
  • RG190 New Testament
  • RG191 Old Testament
  • RG210 Comparative Religions
  • PL101 Introduction to Logic
  • PL290 Philosophy I
  • PL291 Ethics
  • HU100 Humanities - Ancient to medieval 


Fine Arts

  • AR100 Art Appreciation
  • MU100 Music Appreciation
  • TS206 Introduction to Theatre Art 


Health Science

  • FW190 Fitness for Life