Military Tuition Assistance

For the most current information on Veterans Benefits and GI Bill® procedures and policies, please visit the Veterans homepage.

Please send all Tuition Assistance authorizations to, attention Mel Arnold prior to the last day to pay as indicated on this website.

  • Army, Army Reserve and National Guard can obtain their Tuition Assistance papers by completing the application on this website: When approved, a copy of your Tuition Assistance form will be sent to your AKO email address.
  • Kansas National Guard can ask for the AGKS/KBOR Form 6006 from Butler's Accounts Receivable office or access it online. After you have filled out this form, please return it to the above address.
  • For all Navy and Marine students, please apply for Tuition Assistance at the official USG website. Please submit your papers prior to the last day to pay. 
  • Air Force Students, please contact our office at Butler of McConnell Air Force Base at 316.681.3522 or the Rock Road Service Center at 316.691.9456
  • All MYCAA students go to Military One Source and click on the MYCAA link. When approved, a copy of your MYCAA form will be sent to your email address. Please forward this to

Contact Mel Arnold about your Tuition Assistance paperwork, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at or by calling 316.218.6201.