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Customized Group Training

 Ideas, innovations and increased job performance are the hard-won results of planned and well-executed talent development. In today’s knowledge economy, organizations must develop talent in the most economical and productive ways. That’s where BETA comes in.

The Business Education and Training Analysis customized corporate training services is targeted to meet the specific needs of each client organization. We design, develop and deliver affordable, leading-edge education and training services/programs to local, national, and global employers. This provides employees with the new skills, knowledge and abilities they need to help your business become more productive, innovative, and profitable.

Any program can be tailored to address the unique concerns of your organization, or we can develop solutions specifically for your company. The expertise of our trainers, faculty, staff, and Global Corporate College, together partnering with leading training vendors, provides us with a wealth of resources from which to create customized training solutions to reduce performance gaps at multiple levels within corporations. Custom solutions may include:


  • Needs assessment and evaluation
  • Performance consulting & Training design and development
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Single event or comprehensive training programs
  • Credit or non-credit instruction
  • Classroom, on-the-job or online learning
  • Training facilities and equipment
  • Program management
  • Registration and course documentation


Whether your employees are in Wichita, El Dorado, throughout Kansas or across the globe, training can be delivered at your location or ours.

BETA’s Corporate Team Building Experiences

Experiences geared to make teams mesh have never been this fun.*

Don’t let all the fun fool you. Team building exercises are effective tools for enhancing the performance of your staff. But the way we design your experience, your staff can just enjoy getting away for a day. The learning takes place while they are having a great time. When we do our debriefing sessions after the day’s events, they’ll be surprised to discover just how much they learned about themselves, their coworkers and how they work best together. And that will make them want to come back for more. Which is a good thing. Because implementing BETA team building as an ongoing part of your training programs is the best way to improve communication, trust, creativity and productivity.

Learn more about our Team Building Experiences

*Wine and cheese parties are optional. Fun and learning are inevitable.

Global Corporate College

Butler Community College is an associate member of Global Corporate College, a network of community colleges in every major U.S. market that ensures a consistent, high-quality learning experience for all of your employees without all the logistical challenges.


  • One-stop training solution for companies with multiple locations
  • Network to deliver consistent high-quality training
  • Logistical challenges are eliminated
  • Train for entry level to “C-Suite” executives
  • Local to international markets
  • Guaranteed ROI

Training Based White Papers