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Team Building

Build confident leaders who rise to the top with Grizzly Adventures.


High Elements at Grizzly AdventuresOvercoming obstacles is a big part of life in and out of the workplace. The Grizzly Adventures is a hold-on-tight and let-yourself-go experience that builds the confidence your team members need in themselves and each other to overcome all the obstacles between them and greater success. The course is equipped with both high and low elements used by trainers to create a diverse range of team-building exercises. You’ll climb a 30-foot rock wall and repel back down it. Then you’ll fly through the air on the only certified zip-line in Kansas. The thrills and sense of accomplishment your employees experience can effectively rewire their sense of what they are capable of individually, and as a team back at the office.

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Build creative skills with KEVA.

KEVA Building Blocks

KEVA is a set of small building planks you can use to build just about anything. You can even build better communication and creativity among employees in your business.

Exploration Place

Hosted at Exploration Place by trained BETA instructors, the KEVA experience begins with a session in which team members try to build a structure without speaking to each other. They do it again, but this time, are allowed to speak. In the third and final session, we add the opportunity to plan before they build.
The dramatic evolution in the results they get is a fun object lesson in the power of effective communication. After your KEVA experience, trainers debrief your team members on what they have learned.

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KEVA: Teambuilding Form

Build teams that can really stand the heat in our Corporate Kitchen.


Hospitality and culinary facilitiesIn our professional kitchen at the Boston Recreation Center, we’ve created a recipe for culinary collaborations that get your team members out of their comfort zones to discover how much fun it can be to pull together toward a common goal. Participants work against the clock to plan, prepare, cook and display a challenging dish. And just when they think they are done, it’s time to do the dishes with the clock ticking off its last minutes. The competitive pressure the experience cooks up just adds to the fun, while your employees connect with each other in new ways to solve problems and get results.

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Great Grizzly Bake-Off

This is the newest competitive addition to our menu of team-building options. Right now everywhere you look new recipes are in front of you. We’re all craving the next delicious bite after the fun of making the dessert. However, in this popular option, you’ll have to work to avoid recipes for disaster as we mess with your communication and implementation plans. After all, baking takes finesse . .and so does interpersonal relationships.

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