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Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences

General Classroom

Acquire knowledge and skills in fascinating fields

The study of humanities and social and behavioral sciences opens up worlds of opportunity and choices for students. When you study the humanities at Butler, you can learn Japanese, write a poem or study logic. When you study religion, philosophy or history, you can learn about other cultures and environments. Through exploration of economics, you can begin to understand how communities use their resources, both in households and on a global scale. Psychology and social work can teach you how to understand and interact with others. 

You will enhance your research and critical thinking skills, sharpen your writing abilities, and broaden your learn to make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. And, your career options are varied. You could be a university professor, a lawyer, an editor, or a Human Resources specialist, just to name a few. Explore and find the one that fits you.

Still Can’t Decide?

It’s okay! If you can’t decide which major program/pathway you want to start on, then select the Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science (A.A.) MetaMajor pathway or the Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science (A.S.) degree option and still earn your two-year degree in an area where you’re most passionate. You can stay on track to graduate while you explore your options. And rest easy – the MetaMajor degree still transfers to your university of choice.