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Inclusion and Diversity

Council membership

Membership Selection Process:

Council members are selected by their institutional or functional roles and commitment to inclusion. 

Student Representatives:

Sierra Cargill: 2017-2018 SGA President
Vanessa Norwood:  2017-2018 Vice President

Non-Student Team Members Include:

Dr. Phil Speary: Co-Chair, Academic Support Services and Effectiveness Dean
Crystal Aluko: Co-Chair, Coordinator of Tutoring/Academic Coach 
Tiffany Rhodes: Human Resources, Assistant Director 
Sherri Conard: Director of First Year Experience, Title IX Coordinator
Teressa Eastman: Disability Services Director
Monica Zavala: Admissions Counselor/Minority Recruiter, Outreach Connections Team
Dr. Jessica Ohman: Associate Vice President, Student Services
Briony Barnes: Institutional Research Specialist
Heather Rinkenbaugh: Director of High School Academic Partnerships
Jon Craig: Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate Dean    
Theresa Pacitti: Operational Staff Representative - Administrative Assistant, Academic Support and Effectiveness
Andrea Weiss: Student Involvement Coordinator/Residence Life
Andrew Rawlings: Director of Residence Life

Faculty Members:
Dr. Elena Allen, HSS Division
Cory Teubner, HSS Division
David (Andy) Jones, HSS Division
Donnie Featherston, HSS Division
Robert Zavala, STEM Division
Kamille Freeman, STEM Division
Grayson Barnes, FAC  Division
Xavia Dryden, HSS Division
Amy Chastain, HSS Division
Mac Thompson, HSS Division
Andrea McCaffree Wallace, HSS

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