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EMT Requirements and Fees

Everything you need to know now.

Fees Collected with Tuition

  1. $70 Lab Fee collected with tuition includes, polo shirt worn for clinicals and field experience, disposable and breakable lab supplies.  
  2. $28 for liability Insurance

Fees Not Collected with Tuition (collected during class and students responsibility)

  1. $50 for Kansas Board of EMS application fee at orientation online with debit card or before next class. 
  2. A Practical Examination fee of $125 will be collected 45 days prior to the end of class.
  3. $75 when the student registers with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) for didactic computerized Certification exam.
  4. $45 Background check to be submitted online by the student, by the end of the second week of class. Possibly less $ depending on amount of information on the student.

General Requirements

  1. Copy of immunization records.
  2. Pass the ASSET or Compass Placement Exam.
  3. Pass background check.
  4. Must be 17 years of age with a high school diploma or GED.

Pre-Clinical Requirements

All students must satisfy clinical requirements by the end of the fifth week of class. Immunization and Health Records must be submitted prior. Students who do not meet these requirements will be dropped from the course. 

Helpful Hints

  1. Students may not enroll after classes begin. If an enrolled student misses more than four classes, they will be dropped from the program.
  2. Students must achieve a 77 percent or higher on each module to remain in the program.
  3. The curriculum sequence includes 190 hours of classroom, lecture, and lab practice. There are 48 additional hours of required experience including observation time in a hospital emergency room, ambulance, and nursing home as well as special classes on Fridays and Saturdays. 
  4. Butler has an articulation agreement with Cowley College, whereby graduates may apply to Cowley's Paramedic Program offered at Butler of Andover. An EMT Certificate is a prerequisite for Paramedic.
  5. Completion of the State Skills Exam and NREMT Didactic Exam qualifies students as a Kansas and National Registered EMT.
  6. Students must be able to keep up with coursework and have the ability to schedule some nights and weekends for clinicals.
  7. The Devin Renee' Burress Memorial Scholarship Fund for EMS Education is available to students through the Butler Foundation.