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Transfer Timeline

First Year at Butler

  1. Even though you just recently made the decision to attend Butler, there are more decisions to be made! Now is the time to begin gathering information to help you. There are several resources available including the Peterson's Guide to College and links to Kansas four-year universities.
  2. If you plan to obtain a degree from Butler prior to transferring and don't have a specific degree in mind, it is best to obtain an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree as these degrees are designed with the intention of transferring. Some private colleges will accept courses taken as part of an Associate of Applied Science degree, but make sure you check with the four-year college you plan to transfer to before deciding to pursue this degree. Information on each of these degrees can be obtained from our Course Catalog.
  3. As you select courses to take at Butler, keep in mind that most four-year universities have more general education requirements than we do. Therefore, when choosing electives for your associate degree, do not simply take any course that you wish. It is better to take the "extra" general education courses that the four-year university requires to fulfill the electives for the associate degree.
  4. Many programs at four-year universities have a minimum GPA requirement in order to be accepted into the major, so study hard while at Butler!

Be sure to contact at any time to help you with your transfer decisions!