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About Pre-Medicine

Prepare for Med School at Butler

The path to your career as a physician will be long and challenging. By obtaining a well-rounded start on the required course load for your undergraduate years will pay dividends academically and economically years down the road.

Pre-med at Butler is a program for committed students who are prepared to handle a rigorous four-semester curriculum. When you enter the program, you must either possess a strong background in the natural sciences or be prepared to do the work to gain a strong understanding in the sciences.

At Butler, you learn cadaver dissection from a physician/pathologist. This unique opportunity is not available in most schools in Kansas. In addition, you practice using state-of-the-art equipment and have the opportunity to work in the lab as well. These experiences teach you first-hand a broad base of knowledge and offer you an unforgettable education – one that most students cherish.

Internships and Pre-Med Club

In the pre-med program at Butler, you are encouraged to job shadow at El Dorado’s Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, other medical facilities or at doctor’s offices. You can discuss what you’ve learned and support fellow pre-med students at the pre-med club. Take pre-medicine, and complete your first two years of required courses for pre-med students at a significantly lower tuition rate than a four-year school.

MCAT Preparation

Butler begins preparing you for the MCAT– the Medical College Admissions Test, which you will take during your junior year at your four-year college. The MCAT consists of four parts, including sections on chemical and physical sciences, critical analysis, biological and biochemical subject matter, and foundations of behavior.