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Exploration Place to be home for new Butler Community College Technology Studio

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Published: Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Exploration Place to be home for new Butler Community College Technology Studio

Butler Community College and Exploration Place have collaborated to create a technology studio housed in Exploration Place with 15 computers provided by Butler.

Due to the $2.7 million Department of Labor grant Butler received in September 2013, new equipment will be provided as lined out in the terms of the grant. A Mac computer lab at Butler’s Andover site will be replaced and the current lab will be relocated to the technology studio at Exploration Place. Butler retains licenses for all equipment and software and will provide maintenance and upkeep as the equipment will still belong to the school.

The shared-use space will also allow Butler to hold non-credit classes in the technology studio. Dean of Career Technical Education/Advanced Technology Center Roberto Rodriguez and Vice President of Academics Dr. Karla Fisher led the project.

The launch of the studio will coincide with Exploration Place’s summer camps, which begin in early June. A new specialty camp will feature Pixel Time, a local business that has a track record teaching individuals about everyday technology. Kids learn how to design games, code apps, and make animations. Grandparents learn about social media. Anyone can learn to take better photos in Camera Obedience School. Pixel Time also helps people get the most from their Apple technology, including iPads, iMacs, and laptops. Skyler Lovelace, Pixel Time owner, is thrilled to have Pixel Time hosted in Exploration Place. Lovelace also leads the Digital Arts and Software Development programs at Butler.

“I started Pixel Time to help families get more from the technology they own,” Lovelace said. “The Butler Community College Technology Studio at Exploration Place will be the perfect place to help that dream come true.”

Lovelace’s curriculum for the specialty camp pairs well with the Mac computers Butler is providing. The curriculum includes animation, a code academy, game design, and photography. Butler also has agreed to provide technical support and is maintains Adobe Suite Creative Cloud, the latest Adobe software, available on every computer.

“Being able to provide computers and technical support for the technology studio at Exploration Place will create an exciting and fun learning space for all ages,” Butler President Dr. Kim Krull said. “Wouldn’t it be great if the ‘next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg’ gained their inspiration and innovative ideas while at the Butler Community College Technology Studio at Exploration Place? Butler believes in contributing to communities within which we work and live and this is one way for us to do that.”

The joint use of the Butler Community College Technology Studio with Butler and Exploration Place provides a central location for all ages to incur lifelong learning.