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Butler Community College Recognizes Order of the Purple Graduates

Butler Students at graduation
Published: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Butler recognizes students who maintain a 3.75 or higher grade point average.

Butler Community College recognized its Order of the Purple graduates, students who maintain a 3.75 or higher grade point average. This honor was established by the college to celebrate outstanding academic achievement by its students. Amongst Butler’s 2016-17 graduates, 166 were inducted into the Order of the Purple.

The Order of the Purple was established in spring 1937 to recognize graduates who were exceptional in scholarship, leadership, service and character. Today, to be eligible for this honor, students must have completed 30 hours at Butler and maintain a 3.75 or higher total grade point average. Students inducted into Order of the Purple receive a commemorative medallion to wear at Commencement to symbolize their academic accomplishment.

“With tonight’s celebration, you are joining a group of elite top scholars at Butler,” said Kim Krull, Ph.D., Butler Community College President.

The college’s Master Teacher, Mark Jarvis, asked the graduates during a lively and interactive speech what their goals are.

Allyssa Denke of Derby said she wants to be the dean of a college, while Trevor Hayden of Manhattan desires to choreograph professionally. Specific awards were given to four students. Miranda Kimble of Mullinville received the Huey Award. This award is given to an Order of the Purple student who possesses the same high standards in both academics and extra-curricular activities that alumni Gregory “Huey” Bales, whom the award is named after, possessed. Kimble is also in Butler’s Order of the Gold, an organization that honors students who receive a 4.0 GPA.

The Helen Teter Zebold Science Award was given to Mason Buckmaster. Buckmaster of Smith Center plans to attend Wichita State University and major in engineering. Whitney Whittaker, an animal science major from Atascadero, Calif. won the Winnie L. Broers Scholarship of $5,000.  She also was named a Livestock Judging All-American. Whittaker plans to attend Kansas State in the fall. The Frank H. Cron History award went to Shelby Martin of Augusta. Martin is in Butler’s Order of the Gold, an organization that honors students who receive a 4.0.

In-State Hometowns


Lucas W Baum* - Software Development

Lei Fan – Early Childhood Education

Erin Flahive⁺ – Liberal Arts

Taryn Alexandria Gray*⁺ - Liberal Arts

Anna E Grendahl⁺ – Liberal Arts

Olivia Renee Jacoby* - Elementary Education

Joana Marie Lampe* - Psychology

Mackenzie Karina Stone-Petersen – Marketing & Management

Mackenzie Unrein – Liberal Arts

Dalton Watts* - Liberal Arts

Abigail A. Wenninger*⁺ - Liberal Arts



Olivia D'Laine Allegra Schawe – Liberal Arts

Heather Burger – Liberal Arts


Carolyn J Davis* - Business Admin. Tech

Megan Garr* - Elementary Education/BEST

Connor Hurst* - Liberal Arts

Shelby Lynn Martin – Liberal Arts

Brent Allen Patty – Liberal Arts

Shelby Robertson – Liberal Arts

Mayra Solis* - Pre-Nursing/Health Science

Briley Dawn Stuchlik⁺ – Digital Media

William B Watson* - Pre-Medicine

Elaine N West – Nursing

Tara Marie Woodard – Nursing

Gavin Drake Rose – Cyber Security

Bel Aire:

Courtney Lynn Vaughters - Psychology

Klanci N Wiggins* - Liberal Arts


Jennifer Berry – Liberal Arts


Joseph A Oakes – Internetworking Management


Caleb G Bolan – Liberal Arts

Aaron Rauber - Nursing

Conway Springs:

Sarah Elizabeth Slack* - Music

Hayley Smith – Liberal Arts

Alexis Rose Ternes – Liberal Arts


Kyla Kay Beasley*⁺ - Liberal Arts

Emily Beckman* - Mass Communication

Sandra Bosch – Elementary Education

Haley Canfield – Liberal Arts

Alyssa Dehncke* - Liberal Arts

Michaela Gerhard*⁺ -Liberal Arts

Adrianna Guerra⁺ – Liberal Arts

Joshua D Mark – Business Administration

Alyssa Jenae Mertz⁺ – Liberal Arts

Patricia G Peake* - Culinary Arts

Emmanuel Psihountas* - Liberal Arts

Benjamin D. Stowell* - Accounting


Haley Stark* - Agriculture

El Dorado:

Junilda M Farner – Early Childhood Education

Geralyn D Hamilton* - Nursing

Shelby Hill – Liberal Arts

Aubrey Sharon Koontz* - Liberal Arts

Kylea R McArdle⁺ – Liberal Arts

Marietta Grace McVay* - Liberal Arts

Madalyn May* - Farm and Ranch Management

Jacqueline S Owens – Liberal Arts

Chase McKenna Penka*⁺ - Liberal Arts

Amelia Reyes – Restaurant Management

Dustin W. Valentine – Liberal Arts


Gideon G Wiley⁺ – Liberal Arts


Joshua Raymond Thompson-Williams – Liberal Arts

Michael C Whiteside – Liberal Arts


Savana Blandamer* - Elementary Education


Lauren Patricia Degraffenreid – Liberal Arts

Laekin Janae Starr*⁺ - Digital Media


Madison E Cannon – Liberal Arts


Jodi Hammerbacher – Liberal Arts


Jodee Dalton* - Restaurant Management

Megan M Epley - Nursing

Brandi Grudle – Liberal Arts

Kinsey McDaniel – Liberal Arts


Samantha Strecker*⁺ - Liberal Arts

Hannah Dora Mabel Strickler* - Hotel Management


Carl E Hultgren Jr – Internetworking Management


Catherine Griffin* - Liberal Arts


Miranda Kay Harrison* - Liberal Arts


Trevor C Hayden – Secondary Education


Kelli Hess - Nursing

Cheyenne Jeffrey – Sociology/Social Work


Miranda Maree Kimble* - Theatre


Jessica Elaine Strawn⁺ – Liberal Arts

Victoria Ann Sutton* - Liberal Arts


Brooke D Morris – Liberal Arts


Beth Ann Deaton Purkey – Liberal Arts

Park City:

Morgan F Barnhill - Accounting

Jamie Michelle Dehler* - Cyber Security

Kendal McGuire* - Liberal Arts

Olivier Kwizera Ndikumana* - Liberal Arts

Rose Hill:

Brooke Anne Alderson*⁺ - Liberal Arts

Madysen Baker*⁺ - Interactive & 3D Technology

Maci Carlson*⁺ - Liberal Arts

Kelby Dinkel⁺ – Software Development

Smith Center:

Mason Joseph Buckmaster* - Liberal Arts


Amanda Lynn Hinnen* - Liberal Arts

Anita Kathleen Hinnen* - Elementary Education

Leah Johanna Metzger* Pre-Veterinarian

Valley Center:

Brooke Elizabeth Faulhaber* - Business Administration

Maria Trejo* - Liberal Arts


Bailey Christine Altendorf – Liberal Arts

Dane Matthew Rausch* - Liberal Arts


Dana I. Aaby – Digital Media

Yezenia Acosta – Liberal Arts

Jenifer Amamo* -Liberal Arts

Efrain Tarango Arteaga – Cyber Security

Cristina Adrienne Astegiano* - Nursing

William Lee Ballinger – Cyber Security

Mondella J Benton – Liberal Arts

Kourtney Bishop – Liberal Arts

Derek A. Born – Liberal Arts

Joshua C. Bradshaw – Cyber Security

Elizabeth Breedlove – Business Medical Specialist

Maegan O Bull – Liberal Arts

Yvonne Burris – Marketing & Management

Danette Ann Caire* - Business Administration Technology

Alicia A Camacho* - Liberal Arts

Kelsi Cannady – Liberal Arts

Amanda Kan Chiem – Business Administration

Jessica Cox – Liberal Arts

Nathan Delane Cunningham III* - Nursing

Allison Joy Detrick – Culinary Arts

Khanya Dith – Liberal Arts

David Doesken* - Liberal Arts

Jared Alan Ehardt – Liberal Arts

Margaret Flucas* - Nursing

Jenny Gilbert* - Mass Communication

Katrina Gough – Liberal Arts

Ethan Samuel Harvey – Digital Media

Adam L. Haselwood – Internetworking Management

Avery Lynn Hayes* - Restaurant Management

Rachelle Herrman* -Liberal Arts

Samuel Henry Honas – Liberal Arts

Colleen Howland* - Elementary Education

Zachary Christopher Hull – Liberal Arts

Keeley M. Johnson* - Foreign Language

Lauren Elaine Jones – Culinary Arts

Madison Kerr* - Liberal Arts

Emily J Kidd* - Liberal Arts

Rhonda L Kopke – Criminal Justice

Christopher Kurtz – Criminal Justice

Renee G. LeJeune – Liberal Arts

Anita Veronica Martinez – Liberal Arts

Jacob Mathews –Liberal Arts

Satrina McAnally – Internetworking Management

Vanessa Alexandra McCauley* - Hotel Management

Morgan Rae McCullough* - Liberal Arts

Alyssa C Miller* - Liberal Arts

Jenny R Miller – Business Administration

Danny Mitchell – Hotel Management

Emiliano Molina - Art

Crosbie Moody* - Liberal Arts

Melissa Renee Mosher* - Advertising

Sarah Marie Nebergall* - Liberal Arts

Linda Chanel Neises* - Liberal Arts

Hoang Minh Nguyen* - Chemistry

Loc Truong Nguyen – Hotel Management

Michelle Ann Norton – Marketing & Management

Ashly Novak* – Digital Media

Chidinma Oligbo* - Liberal Arts

Alexandrea Owens* - Liberal Arts

Jacob Ryan Peacock – Liberal Arts

Aiden Kendrick Raevsky⁺ – Interactive & 3D Technology

Mary Elaine Raney – Hotel Management

Derek Ratliff – Windows Administration

Colin James Reichenberger - Agribusiness

Kiplee G Richards – Business Administration

Ann Nichole Ridgway* - Interactive & 3D Technology

Tara Nicole Ritter* - Early Childhood Education

Nicole Rupp* - Accounting

Sanjuanita Soledad Salinas* - Liberal Arts

Shane Shirley – Elementary Education/BEST

Madison Sites – Elementary Education/BEST

Mohamed Soliman* - Nursing

Shannon Nicole Soto* - Nursing

Susan A. Sterling* - Liberal Arts

Michael T Stickney – Software Development

Margaret Sweeney⁺ – Liberal Arts

Madison K Taylor* - Elementary Education

Zackary Thomas – Culinary Arts

Caleb Thornton* - Liberal Arts

Dung Kieu Trinh – Accounting

Madeline J. Weaver – Liberal Arts

Clinton R. Wilcoxen* - Liberal Arts

Valerie D Wilhelmson* - Accounting

Haleigh Brianne Wisdom – Digital Media

Jaycie Wunder – Liberal Arts

Morgan Yonash – Liberal Arts


Lesa Annette Lewis* - Nursing

Out-of-State Graduates

Atascadero, Calif.:

Whitney Whitaker* - Agriculture

Arroyo Grande, Calif.:

Alyson MacLean* - Agriculture

Templeton, Calif.:

Peyton M Wheeler – Liberal Arts

Thornton, Colo.:

Caleb James Cox – Liberal Arts

De Leon Springs, Fla.:

Taylor Spencer – Liberal Arts

DeLand, Fla.:

Haley Stark* - Agriculture

Paxton, Ill.:

Skylynn Fleming* - Agribusiness

Nevada, Mo.:

Payton Dahmer* - Agriculture

Helena, Mont.:

Madison Paige McLaughlin* - Liberal Arts

Pemberville, Ohio:

Hannah Frobose – Agribusiness


Huffman, Texas:

Chanson Wayne McDaniel – Accounting

Munday, Texas:

Katherine Lauren Safarik* - Nursing

Torrington, Wyo.:

Paul David Miller III – Agriculture


New South Wales, Australia:

Lauren Allan – Exercise Science

London, England:

Paulo Cabrejos Mondini* - Secondary Education



*denotes Phi Theta Kappa membership

+ denotes Early College Academy graduate